Tributes and Memorials

In Honor Of ... In Memory Of ...
Shirley McGarah
H. Joseph Symonds

Ken and Lori Emerick
H. Joseph Symonds

Allison Smith Strupeck
Marilyn Strupeck

The Elmore Pets
Kay McAnally

Barbara Peck
Shannon Matley

Ed and Kathy Alonzo
Michelle Adams

David L. McGarah III
Laurie Emerick

Karen Kuratko and Chester
The James J. Bain, Jr. Family

Pam Huff
Barbara Lafferty

Pam Huff
Michael Huff

Claire, the Great Dane
Cathy O'Mara

Miss Ariel Jacaman
James Hunter
Sacha Jacobson
Allen Eastman and Holly Garrison
Anthony Paredes and Stephanie Sayre
Mayer L. Ellman

Susan D. Smith
Michael and Allison Strupeck

Jennifer Sinclair
Michael and Allison Strupeck

Don and Mattie Hildebrand
Michael and Stephanie Gallman

Suzanne Amberg

Adventures in Advertising/Greater Boston
H. Lawrence Amberg, M.D.
Lori Bailes
Michael and Jill Baker
Michael and Mindy Baldwin
Michael and Sharyl Burshnick
David and Linda Carter
Sarah Darlington
Randal and Susanna English
Tedrick and Karla Ent
Randall and Melissa Glenn
Dan C. Hayes
John and Carolyn Horn
Linda H. Knebel
Dinah Khollman
Margo Khollman
Martin Leach
Tom and Karen Marx
James and Diane McBride
Brian R. McSweeny
G. Bruce and Angela Milne
Mark and Melinda Patterson
Pandora J. Peabody
Cynthia Playfair, M.D.
Jose and Shirley Prescott
Ronald and Nancy Puglisi
James and Joye Qualls
Wendy Rivers
James and Lise Ross
David and Amanda Tennant
Patrick and Misty Watkins
John Wright
Gary Davidson
S.L. and Ann Butterfield

Ada Miller
William Bishop and Julia Ardery

"Gorbie" Engells
Mary Lenart and Adam Portnoy

All the pets that lost their lives in the wildfires
Allen and Dru Gabrysch

Sam, Sadie, and Toby

J.E. and M.E. Taberner

John (Jake) Jacob Lee
Staff & Volunteers at Bastrop County Animal Shelter
Friends of Bastrop County Animal Shelter
Donna Clancy
Christopher and Daena Lee
Charles and Carla Middleton
A.J. Townley
Nancy A. Session
Frances J. Santini
Margaret A. Sealey
Steve and Christi Marlowe
Ted and Patti Smith
Carl and Marie Osterman
Bill and Suzie Petty
Jake's Family in California
Darrek and Margaret Cobb
Stephanie Tamez–Adams
Marci Hallock
Cloverleaf Ranch
Aunt Alice
Uncle Arleigh and Aunt Audrey
Rhonda R. Gillis

Gary and Jan Phillips

Bill Timmins
Eddie and Patty Dunn
Claude and Karela Watts
Frank and Tina Hanzlik
Geneva Meuth
Jon and Connie Wood
Bill Stoltz
Rosemary McNatt

“Rosie” Pfiester
Sam and Rebecca Pfiester

Pets of Cecil and Julia Reynolds
William and Rebecca Gouvier

Winnie B. and David W. James
J. W. James, Jr.